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Where Writing and Graphic Design Meet: Lei Estanislao on Embracing Her Multipotentiality

By Arry Asiddao
July 27, 2023

Many of us set out on a journey through life in search of our one true calling, seeking to align our passions with our professional pursuits. While some people have always had a clear sense of direction, others may find themselves exploring different paths. Lei Estanislao is one of those artists who have multiple creative outlets, but she has successfully merged her love for graphic design and writing into a fulfilling endeavor.

As a creative entrepreneur, Lei runs Leimarie Graphic Designing, an independent design agency dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized businesses by crafting engaging promotional materials. She also owns Twolips by Leimarie, a merchandise store where she transforms her poetry into inspiring designs. In an exclusive interview with CREATEPhilippines, Lei shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship, burnout, and the business of being a multipotentialite.

When and how did you get into freelancing? Can you take us through your journey as a creative entrepreneur?
I started freelancing by taking on small tasks, mainly through referrals and commissions. As a graphic designer, you get to work on a variety of creative projects. These promising opportunities encourage me to shape my own path in the creative industry.

What is the main philosophy behind your designs?
Creativity, Care, and Generosity are the three main objectives of my design. I want to use my creativity to solve my clients’ problems, express love and care through my work, and give more than what is expected.

As the owner of two brands/businesses, Leimarie Graphic Designing and Twolips by Leimarie, how do you stay inspired and avoid burnout?

At first, I thought being a multipotentialite person would limit me to a certain area of expertise. These two brands help me balance my curiosity for various interests and creative pursuits in life. With two diverse spectrums of creativity, one becomes my fallback whenever I need a break from the other.

Photo courtesy of Twolips by Leimarie

What is the biggest challenge when working with different brands? How do you balance your vision and ideas with the client’s demands?
Transforming my clients’ ideas into creative artworks will always be the main challenge. My vision, along with my values, is the lighthouse that guides me in translating the client's demands into a fulfilling creative project.

What is your favorite project you've worked on?

The most satisfying projects I've worked on have been logo designs. From designing the logo itself, I can already lead the brand toward its desired look and feel, shape how the audience perceives the brand, and communicate the values it represents.

Photo courtesy of Leimarie Graphic Designing

Do you identify more as a designer or a writer? How does this affect your creative process?
It is an innate creative cycle. Writing breathes out my emotions and frustrations in life and work. On the other hand, designing breathes hope and joy in me to continue in this industry.

To see more of Lei’s work, visit her Linktree or follow her on Instagram.

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